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Dalam melakukan perawatan mesin, kondisi alignment mesin sangatlah penting agar vibrasi pada mesin rendah sehingga umur mesin serta komponennya menjadi lebih lama dan terhindarnya kondisi breakdown atau unplaned shutdown. Terdapat banyak brand laser alignment yang dapat digunakan yang mana salah satunya adalah brand EASY LASER. Untuk menjawab kebutuhan akan perlatan precision alignment, kami memiliki Easy Laser Alignment E540 dan XT660 yang sudah terkalibrasi dan mudah digunakan yang dapat disewa untuk pekerjaan customer di lapangan. Jika membutuhkan jasa Rental Easy Laser Alignment, silahkan menghubungi kami di atau telpon ke 081513166131.

Beberapa hal yang bisa menjadi pertimbangan kenapa memilih Easy Laser  untuk kebutuhan sewa laser alignment

  • Easy to learn and to use.
  • Compact measuring units for use on most machine designs.
  • All wireless units (Built-in Bluetooth® technology and integrated rechargeable battery).
  • Large 5.7″ color display.
  • Programs with both symbols and text = easy to understand.
  • TruePSD technology with unlimited resolution.
  • Dual PSD, dual laser beams, and dual inclinometers for superior control and accuracy.
  • Produce PDF reports directly from the Display unit and save to USB memory.
  • Fast service and support. 48-hour Express service if necessary.
  • Low overall costs during the entire lifecycle of the product, for example, servicing, accessories, etc.
  • Expandable / Adaptable. A range of accessories means that you can adapt the measurement system to your needs, now and in the future

Easy-Laser XT660

The XT660 (for Rental Laser Alignment) measuring units utilize dot laser technology. This makes it possible to measure larger machines and longer spans than line laser systems. It also provides higher accuracy when backlash in the coupling is present. In addition, dot laser allows you to check more things when installing a machine, e.g. twist of foundation and bearing clearance.

With the XT660 you have a choice of several different measurement methods, e.g. continuous sweep and multipoint. This gives you the flexibility you need to achieve the perfect measurement result.

The XT products are rugged, rated both IP66 and IP67 water and dust-proof. Along with long operating times, this guarantees you will be able to take on and finish even tougher jobs.


Use the rugged Easy-Laser XT display unit, or install the free XT Alignment app on your iOS or Android device. The intuitive user interface guides you through the measurement process.

Unique documentation possibilities 

The XT display unit has a 13MP camera. You can also get the XT display unit with a built-in IR camera. This means you can add a thermal image of the machine before and after alignment. You can easily create and share a PDF report containing all measurement data and images

Easy Laser E540

Laser® E540 (for Rental Laser Alignment) is a very powerful shaft alignment system in which the program guides user step-by-step with both icons and text making the system very easy to use for everyone, regardless of prior knowledge. The E540 system includes measurement programs for horizontal machines, vertical machines, and alignment of machine trains with three machines. The measuring units are pre-mounted for rapid machine set-up. Start with the measuring units positioned anywhere through 360 ° around the shaft, then take any three readings down to 20° in-between. Then adjust the machine with the live values in both horizontal and vertical directions. A PDF report is generated automatically when the measurements are saved. Simple and efficient!.

The shaft rental laser alignment system has a large 5.7″, bright color display that clearly shows all the steps of the measurement. The measuring units have TruePSD-technology, which gives an unlimited resolution. Twin laser beams, twin PSDs and twin inclinometers give you superb control of the measurement in all situations. The measuring units are incredibly compact featuring Bluetooth® Wireless technology, an integrated rechargeable battery, and large 30 mm TruePSD detectors. This means that they are easy to install on most types of machines, even where there is limited space. The wireless technology gives you full freedom of movement around the machine that is to be aligned. Display units, measuring units, and fixtures are all very robust for the highest accuracy in demanding industrial environments.

– Display unit laser alignment E-series E52
– Measuring unit S
– Measuring unit M
– Shaft bracket with chain
– Chain 900 mm
– Set of rods (4x 60 mm)
– Rod 120 mm
– Strap for Display unit
– Measuring tape 3m
– Cable USB A to B 1,8m
– Battery Charger (100-240 V AC)
– DC Split cable,for charging
– DC to USB adapter, for charging
– Case Plastic Shaft E530

Jika kebutuhan sewa laser alignment baik dengan operator atau tanpa operator serta kebutuhan alat lainnya seperti alat vibrasi, sewa laser alignment brand lain, alat elektrikal dan lain-lain, silahkan menghubungi kami di atau telpon ke 081513166131.

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