Our HV-AC Resonant Testing System is suitable for 10KV, 35KV, 110KV, 220KV, 500KV polyhexene power cable AC withstand voltage tests. It is suitable for the AC to withstand voltage tests of large-capacity equipment such as 60KV, 220KV, 500KV GIS, transformers, insulators, busbars, busbars, and hydroelectric generators.

Our HV-AC Resonant Testing System is mainly composed of a variable frequency controller, excitation transformer, high voltage reactor, high voltage divider, and so on. The frequency conversion controller is divided into two categories, 55KW and above are desktop type, and below 55KW is portable box type; it is composed of a controller and a filter. The main function of the variable frequency controller is to convert the 380V or 220V power frequency sine alternating current with fixed amplitude and frequency into a sine wave with adjustable amplitude and frequency. And provide power for the whole set of equipment. The function of the excitation transformer is to raise the output voltage of the variable frequency power supply to a suitable test voltage. The high-voltage reactor L is an important part of the resonant circuit. When the power frequency is equal to 1/(2π√LCX), it will resonate in series with the tested product CX.

The HV-AC Resonant Testing System is to change the system inductance and test frequency to make a circuit in resonant condition. Its electric circuit is shown in Fig.1. The adoption of variable frequency resonant technology reduces the capacity of the power source and the weight of equipment, which facilitates on-site testing.

HV-AC Resonant Testing System

  • Rated test voltage:800KV
  • Output voltage waveform distortion rate: < 1.0%
  • Continuous working allowed: 30mins under voltage; 60mins if cables testing;
  • The device itself quality factor: Q > 50
  • Cable full load factors: Q > 30 (load related)
  • Input voltage: three phase380V
  • Frequency adjustment range: 30Hz ~300Hz

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