Portable Vibration Calibrators

Featuring a built in sensitivity display, Portable Vibration Calibrators take loop checks and troubleshooting to the next level. Technicians can instantly diagnose sensor drift in the process of confirming correct vibration alarm operation.
Troubleshoot and Create Calibration Certificates :

  • Calculates and displays test sensor sensitivity on thereadout screen in real time.
  • Built-in ICP® input for common piezoelectric accelerometers.
  • In addition, users can now save up to 500 calibration records directly to the unit’s internal memory.
  • These can also be copied or transferred to the included USB flash drive with Report Generation Workbook via the unit’s USB port.
  • The saved data can then be transferred to a computer and an ISO 17025-compliant customizable Calibration Certificate generated and printed.
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