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Calibration FLIR Camera

We also do calibration & Tera Ulang Flow meter with KAN or Dinas Metrology Certificate.


Calibration & Repair Services

Regular calibration of all measurement instruments is essential to ensure the best accuracy. We offers high quality calibration and we are able to fly fill all original requirements and the strictest quality standards.

Product that we can repair are :

  • Testing Equipments from any brand such as : Megger, Hioki, Omicron, Vanguard, Doble.
  • FLIR Infrared Thermography
  • Vibration Analyzer CSI 2130/2140
  • Laser Alignment Pruftechnik & Fixturlaser
  • Accelerometer, Velocity & Proximity Sensor
  • Gas Detector Honeywell


Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)

Condition-based monitoring is a type of predictive maintenance that involves the use of technology such as vibration and oil analysis, to measure the status of an asset over time while it is in operation. The data that is collected is used to establish trends, predict failure, & calculate the remaining life of an asset. Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) maintenance makes personnel possible to detect potential problems of the assets at an early stage.


Pump Maintenance & Installation Service

Supply, refurbishment, installation and maintenance, water pumping station. We are ready to seevice your pump, motor or controls in your facility. We also perform pump inspections from weekly to yearly and everything in between.


Laser Alignment Services

Other measurement can be performed by our high competent engineer are Flatness, Straightness & Level measure.

Rental Portable Vibration Calibrator


Calibration Vibration Analyzer & Transducer

Our Portable Vibration Calibrators The Modal Shop 9110D are designed to simplify your on-site calibration of accelerometers, velocity sensors and proximity probes. Whether you are checking alarm trip points in a harsh industrial environment or performing low frequency calibrations and printing calibration certificates in a laboratory, portable vibration calibrators offer an ideal solution. Used in facilities around the globe, portable calibrators from The Modal Shop are a durable and proven tool to meet your validation and calibration needs.


Protection System - Design & Instalation

Aplikasi Kontrol & Monitor

Sterilizer Industri Kelapa Sawit Proses perelbusan / sterilizer TBS kelapa sawit mulai dari pergerakan lori TBS masuk dan keluar dari sterilizer tank hingga 3 tahapan proses pereibusan dengan variasi temperatur, tekanan dan timer yang semuanya dikendalikan & dimonitor di panel HMI / PC.

Aplikasi Kontrol & Monitor Back Pressure Vessel

Control actuator untuk penambahan steam berdasarkan set point tekanan dalam bejana yg telah ditentukan dengan PID control semuanya dikendalikan dandi monitor di panel HMI / PC.

Aplikasi Monitoring Vibrasi dan Speed Pada enerator Steam Turbin

Monitoring vibrasi dan performance speed shaft turbin generator dilengkapi oleh sistem proteksi dan alarm melalui panel HMI / PC semuanya di monitor & di record untuk analisa dan peningkatan performance generator-turbin

Boiler System

Monitoring parameter instrumentasi secara berkelanjutan dengan continues data record akan mengurangi laju kegagalan proses.

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